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Everyone should love their smile, but your teeth can become stained, weakened, or damaged over time. Nabila Mannan, DDS, specializes in dental crowns that recover your smile. At Rainbow Dental, PC in Astoria, New York, she provides accessible and affordable services to the greater New York community. Call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Dental Crown Q & A

Do I need a dental crown?

A dental crown is a protective cover placed over a tooth. Dental crowns are used to improve a tooth’s appearance or to protect a weakened tooth from further damage. Crowns can:

  • Protect teeth with infected root canals
  • Cover significantly decayed or discolored teeth
  • Restore broken, misshapen, or worn-down teeth
  • Protect a tooth with a large filling
  • Cover dental implants
  • Hold dental bridges in place
  • Make cosmetic changes

In some cases, children with baby teeth need dental crowns to protect against tooth decay and restore existing damage. Dr. Mannan and her caring staff at Rainbow Dental, PC offer pediatric dentistry services with a soft and gentle touch that makes your child’s experience as stress-free as possible.

Are there different types of dental crowns?

Temporary crowns are made on-site by Dr. Mannan and are available the same day. Permanent crowns take several weeks because they are custom-made. Crowns are made from several types of material, but Dr. Mannan usually recommends porcelain because it matches natural teeth.

Crowns are also made from:

  • Stainless steel
  • Metal alloys like gold and platinum
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All-resin

Dental crowns last 5-15 years, and you care for them by brushing as flossing as you do with your other teeth.

How are dental crowns placed?

It takes 2-3 weeks for Dr. Mannan to install a permanent crown, but temporary crowns are available in one day.

During your first visit, Dr. Mannan prepares your existing tooth and takes a mold of your mouth so your new crown can be custom-made for the best fit. At the end of your first appointment, Dr. Mannan fits you with a temporary crown.

When you return for your second appointment, Dr. Mannan removes the temporary crown, checks the fit of your new one making adjustments as needed, and cements your new permanent crown in place.

During both of these appointments, Dr. Mannan administers a local anesthetic using DentalVibeⓇ to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort.

If you want to restore your smile, call Rainbow Dental, PC to schedule an appointment or book online today.