Hey there,  it's that time of month again. Time to decorate for the ghouls and goblins and princesses and everything in between that may walk through your house or office on October 31, Halloween.  Being a dentist this a great concern as we also are forced to buy candy and supplies to treat these little creatures that come to us for a day.  I myself know the story well as my little daughter used to bring in a mega-ton of sugary substances back home on this special day, and the scariest part was what was I to do with all this CANDY??

In this blog I would like to mention some alternatives to candy that can be given out on Halloween. (Note this blog is for adults only...) You can give stickers, which are great especially the new action heroes  or whatever is playing in theaters now.  Secondly, you can give out pens and pencils with halloween themes on it.  Money is also an option and kids do find this appealing. Next there is an assortment of cookies, chips,pretzels and other snacks that can be offered in place of candy.  How about sugerless candy?? Although not as appealing as the real deal, these are good for the conscientious minded.  Anything from small games to puzzles to notebooks would also be appreciated.  Not to mention halloween themed jewelry are also great and awe inspiring.  Well, those are all the ideas I have right now,  please add to this post if you have any other ideas on non-sugared treats for Halloween.  And also while we're at it...relax, enjoy and Happy Halloween!!


Dr. Nabila Mannan

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