Porcelain crowns or traditional PFMs (porcelain fused to metal), which one to choose?

Nowadays all porcelain crowns or zirconia as the brand name goes is the "in thing".  Traditional PFMs are on the way out. Ask any dentist or prosthodontist. Why you ask? Well let's look at the facts.  Zirconia crowns are very aesthetic and achieve natural tooth color results.  They are also highly compatible with gingival tissue and will not produce allergies.  Also they are very durable and resistant to chipping and cracking which can be very unpleasing in PFM crowns.  The zirconia crowns require less tooth removal and are very easily bonded to natural teeth.  The aesthetic effects alone of a zirconia crown should be considered its biggest advantage.  There are different types of porcelain crowns but zirconia is the best in the business right now.  So when choosing the ideal crown for your tooth or teeth ask for it by name.  But buyer beware, all good things come with their own price tag.  These special crowns tend to be a bit pricier than their counterpart.  Totally worth splurging for something that works in the long run and improves your appearance. 

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Dr. Nabila Mannan

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